In summer of 2015, Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy was invited by the USPAACC to to give several lectures on Entrepreneurship as part of their Business Leadership Series.

USPAACC’s Business Leadership Series (BLS), exclusively sponsored by Wells Fargo, is a unique educational opportunity for business people to engage in a meaningful discussion about business experiences in order to grow leadership skills and learn practical management tools for future success.

Over the course of sixteen (16) live webinar sessions, BLS participants explore current issues in the small and minority business community related to starting, managing and growing an entrepreneurial venture. Each webinar session features a Guest Speaker and a topical focus. At the end of the webinar series, participants will have a better understanding of key management know-hows and ideas that will help them to grow their business, or new business idea, into the mainstream marketplace in the U.S., Asia, and/or the Indian Sub-continent.

Dr. Tarabishy’s first lecture focused on family businesses, their composition in today’s evolving environment, and what they might look like moving forward. Dr. Tarabishy’s lecture was part of a larger panel series featuring Anisa Balwani, President of RCI Technologies.

To see Dr. Tarabishy’s slide presentation, please click here.

Dr. Tarabishy’s second lecture focused on business ethics and offered several case studies where participants were faced with ethical decisions commonly facing business leaders.

To see Dr. Tarabishy’s slide presentation, please click here.