Dr. Tarabishy has moderated numerous panels and webinars for several years. Many of his appearances have been catalogued and are available below.

2016 Webinar

# Date Topic Speakers Downloads
1 Nov 15, 2016 Doing Business with Fortune Corporations Sandy Cross, Senior Director, Diversity & Inclusion, PGA of AmericaItu Otu, Supplier Diversity Manager, Wyndham Worldwide Webinar Slides - Itu Otu (PPTX) Webinar Slides - Sandy Cross (PPTX)
2 Nov 01, 2016 Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs Anna Kolluri, Founder & CEO, Resourcesys Inc; Fenella Kim, President & CEO, Reliance Star Payment Services Webinar Slides - Anna Kolluri (PPTX) Webinar Slides - Fenella Kim (PPT)
3 Oct 20, 2016 Business Leadership Series: Government Contracting 101 Chanel Bankston-Carter, Director of Strategic Outreach and Communications, Department of Veterans Affairs, OSDBUWes Bennett, Division Director for Services Contracting, DARPAKevin Young, Veteran Management Consultant for Federal Government Contracting Strategy, Marketing and Business Development Webinar Slides - Chanel Bankston-Carter (PPT) Webinar Slides - Wes Bennett (PPTX) Webinar Slides - Kevin Young (PPTX)
4 Oct 11, 2016 Doing Business with Fortune Corporations Ruby McCleary, Director, Supplier Diversity, United AirlinesDidi Anekwe, Supplier Diversity Consultant, Nationwide Webinar Slides - Ruby McCleary (PPTX) Webinar Slides - Didi Anekwe (PPTX)
5 Sep 27, 2016 Financial Management & Cash Flow John Brislin, Director, Seattle Regional Office, ExIm BankSteve Ward, Senior VP, Small Business Segment Manager, Pacific North Region, Wells Fargo Webinar Slides - John Brislin (PPT) EXIM eBook: “Export Expertise: 10 Finance Tools to Grow Your Export Business” EXIM eBook: “Guide to Export Credit Insurance”
6 Sep 13, 2016 Beyond the Startup Stage: How to Transition a Growing Business Myla Ramos, President & CEO, SearchPros SolutionGiancarlo Pacheco, CEO, Plan C Agency (PCA)Somkhit Boutchantharaj, President, DFW Security Protective Force Webinar Slides - Myla Ramos (PPTX) Webinar Slides - Giancarlo Pacheco (PDF) Webinar Slides - Somkhit Boutchantharaj (PPT)
7 Aug 09, 2016 Doing Business with Fortune Corporations Megan Weiland, Global Supply Chain Sustainability Manager, AGCO CorporationLynette Smyer, Supplier Diversity Specialist, State Farm Insurance Webinar Slides - Megan Weiland (PPTX) Webinar Slides - Lynnette Smyer, (PPTX)
8 Jul 26, 2016 Millennials as Employees Tim Hwang, Founder & CEO, FiscalNote Webinar Slides (PDF)
9 Jun 28, 2016 Digital Marketing & Social Media Rob Rohena, CEO, DIR Inc. Webinar Slides - Being Socially Relevant on Social Media (PPTX)
10 May 10, 2016 Doing Business with Fortune Corporations 101 Tiffany Williams, Manager, Supplier Inclusion & Diversity, Global Procurement, AccentureDonna Gilmer, Manager, Supplier Diversity, General Motors Webinar Slides - Tiffany Williams (PDF) Webinar Slides - Donna Gilmer (PDF)
11 Apr 26, 2016 Doing Business in Asia Susan Au Allen, National President & CEO, USPAACCRichard Cant, North America Director, Dezan Shira & Associates Webinar Slides - Susan Au Allen (PPTX) Webinar Slides - Richard Cant (PPTX)
12 Apr 19, 2016 Federal Contracting 101 Robert Connolly, Director, Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization, U.S. Department of JusticeJose Arietta, Director, Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU), U.S. Department of the Treasury Webinar Slides - Robert Connolly (PPT) Webinar Slides - Jose Arietta (PPTX)
13 Mar 29, 2016 Doing Business with Fortune Corporations 101 Kimberly Moore, Manager, Supplier Diversity & Sustainability, Sourcing & Procurement Solutions, Allstate Insurance Company; Robert Pilney, Director, Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Diversity, Hartford Financial Services Webinar Slides - Kimberly Moore (PDF)
14 Mar 15, 2016 Success Stories Elizabeth Tran, President, TechniSource Service Group, Inc.
Yung Lee, President, WinWin Products, Inc.
Doug Case (Wells Fargo) Presentation (PDF) Susan Allen (USPAACC) Presentation (PDF) Elizabeth Train (TechniSource Service Group) Presentation (PDF) Yung Lee (WinWin Products) Presentation (PDF)

Dr. Tarabishy has moderated numerous panels and webinars for several years. Many of his appearances have been catalogued and are available below.

2015 Webinar

# Date Topic Speakers Downloads
1 Dec 16, 2015 Federal Contracting 101 Kevin Boshears, Director, OSDBU, U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Shaunta Johnson, Deputy Director of Operations, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services; Christy Jackiewicz, Small Business Program Manager, General Services Administration Webinar Slides - Kevin Boshears (PDF) Webinar Slides - Shaunta Johnson (PDF) Webinar Slides - Christy Jackiewicz (PDF)
2 Dec 09, 2015 Doing Business with Fortune 100 Corporations 101 Oliver Turman, Director, AT&T Supplier Diversity; Joan Stormont, Director, Strategic Sourcing, Nationwide Webinar Slides - Joan Stormont (PDF) Webinar Slides - Oliver Turman (PDF)
3 Nov 05, 2015 Women in Business: Superwomen? Sonu Ratra, President & Co-Founder, Akraya, Inc.; Ying McGuire, VP, International Operations & Business Development, Technology Integration Group (TIG) Webinar Slides - Sonu Ratra (PDF) Webinar Slides - Ying McGuire Presentation (PDF)
4 Oct 13, 2015 Digital Workspaces: How to Move Out of the Office? Brandon Luong, Founder, GrindHubDuleek Ranatunga, CEO, Ourotech Webinar Slides - Brandon Luong Presentation (PDF) Webinar Slides - Duleek Ranatunga Presentation (PDF)
5 Oct 06, 2015 Millennials: Hiring the New Generation Tony Ray Meyer Jr., Co-Founder, TestTracksVincent Kitirattragarn, Founder, Dang Foods Webinar Slides - Tony Ray Meyer Jr. Presentation (PDF) Webinar Slides - Vincent Kitirattragarn Presentation (PDF)
6 Sep 17, 2015 Business Law: Are You Ready to Play in the Game? Phi Nguyen, M&A and Corporate Transaction Attorney, Fisher Broyles LLP Webinar Slides (PDF)
7 Sep 03, 2015 A New Business Model: Social Entrepreneurship Hewett Chiu, Co-founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, President & CEO, Academy of Medical & Public Health Services (AMPHS); and Executive Managing Partner, Chiu GroupLily Liu, Co-founder, PublicStuff Webinar Slides - Hewett Chiu Presentation (PDF) Webinar Slides - Lily Liu Presentation (PDF) Webinar Summary (PDF)
8 Aug 25, 2015 The Importance of Cash Flow in Financial Management Christopher Galang, Small Business Diverse Segments Manager, Wells Fargo; Ranjini Poddar, Co-Founder & President, Artech Information Systems, one of The 50 Fastest-Growing Women Led Business in America by Forbes, and the winner of USPAACC’s Fast 50 Asian American Businesses Awards in 2009 and 2010 Webinar Summary (PDF) Webinar Slides - Chris Galang Presentation (PDF) Webinar Slides - Ranjini Poddar Presentation (PDF)
9 Aug 06, 2015 Business Ethics: The Moral Compass or Moral Clash? Tracy Balazs, President & CEO, FSR Webinar Summary (PDF) Webinar Slides - Tracy Balazs Presentation (PDF) Webinar Slides - Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy Presentation (PDF)
10 Jul 21, 2015 Family Businesses: A Blessing and a Curse Anisa Balwani, President, RCI Technologies Webinar Summary (PDF) Webinar Slides - Anisa Balwani Presentation (PDF) Webinar Slides - Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy Presentation (PDF)
11 Jul 07, 2015 Innovation Next Door Philip Vang, Founder, Foodhini. Winner of USPAACC’s Ideas Marketplace: What’s Your Pitch? competition during 30th Anniversary & CelebrAsian Procurement Conference on June 3-5. Foodhini, a for-profit social enterprise, delivers ready to eat ethnic meals directly to customers within 60 minutes through a mobile on-demand platform; Charles H. Matthews, Ph.D., Distinguished Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, Founder Center for Entrepreneurship Education & Research at Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati Webinar Summary (PDF) Webinar Slides - Creativity & Innovation: The Keys to Entrepreneurship (PDF) Webinar Slides - Foodhini (PDF)
12 May 14, 2015 Social Media Marketing – Best and Worst Practices Sanjay Dalal, CEO, oGoing; Adam Khan, Twitter Coach, Head, Digital Transformation/Talent Development @Loreal Webinar Slides - Hacking Twitter (PDF) Webinar Slides - Social Media Do\'s and Dont\'s (PDF)
13 Apr 28, 2015 Managing and Growing Your Small Business Ammu Warrier, President, DCR Workforce; Lisa Delpy Neirotti, Director, Master of Tourism Administration, Associate Professor of Sport Management, Initial investor & Partner, Minx Nails Webinar Slides (PDF)
14 Apr 16, 2015 The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Asian Americans and the Minority Business Community Kishore Khandavalli, CEO, SevenTablets; Jim Chung, Executive Director for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, George Washington University, Co-Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation I-Corps Node
15 Mar 31, 2015 USPAACC: Past, Present & Future Susan Allen, CEO and National President Webinar Slides (PDF)